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The Bridesmaids To-Do List

April 19, 2010 by  
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In the past, weddings were much more cookie cutter for family and friends. Sure the bridesmaids lent a hand to help with all the wedding details. They even helped setup appointments for mani’s and pedi’s. Today’s weddings are far from cookie cutter. Brides and grooms are personalizing their weddings in far more unique ways. With all your bridal party living a busy, hectic schedule it also means enduring a busy hectic bridesmaid to-do list.

Survive Wedding Planning 101

It is best to get all the bridesmaids together to setup assignment lists with the bride. This ensures the wedding planning process goes smoothly. Below we listed typical responsibilities that can be delegated to your bridal party.

~ Attend the engagement party… This is a great way to get formally introduced to the families. You will be dealing with them over the coming year(s) might as well start off with a bang.

~ Stay involved… Make time to attend the first meeting of the planning process. This is the best way to get all the information the bride has in mind for her wedding.

~ Offer your skillz… Any specialty tasks that you can contribute to the planning are a big help. Maybe you have a friend in the wedding business. Maybe you rock at calligraphy. If you are musically inclined you could even sing a song at their wedding ceremony.

~ Plan fun things for bridal party get-togethers… Nothing keeps moral higher than a fun atmosphere. Pick a place that reduces the stress. Creativity is just one element of planning a successful reception.

– Be ready for some set backs… You can expect to pay for the dress, shoes, and accessories. You may want to start budgeting on day one. Last thing you would want to do is cause drama, because a pair of red shoes are too pricey.

~ Help plan the bridal shower… Okay, so this one is kind of a gimmie. There are many articles dedicated solely to execute an amazing shower. There are a bunch of great games and favors ideas out there. Also when you choose a bridal shower gift, go as a group.

~ Take charge of the bachelorette party… What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Just keep in mind the best interests of the bride. It is wise to incorporate her style into the party.

~ Rehearsal it up… Be ready to learn and socialize at the rehearsal dinner. This is when close families go over formalities for the ceremony traditions. It is another great time to get familiar with those you will be celebrating with.

~ Be on time… Weddings are notorious for being behind schedule. This happens for a variety of reasons. There is nothing wrong with being 15 minutes early the morning of the wedding. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged.

~ Ceremony/Reception Duties… These will range from everything to anything. The bride and her new hubby will be busy mingling with guests and thanking them for attending. Situations might pop up! It is your job to handle them quickly and efficiently. There is nothing worse than an unhappy bride. Think of yourself a secret service agent for the big day.

C’est la vie

We hope this bridesmaids to-do list helps to avoid some common problems with wedding planning. Just remember, that this is a celebration of new beginnings and long lasting friendships. Things will happen up to and the day of the wedding. So take a deep breath and enjoy the evening that you and your bridal party have been waiting for.

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