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How to Book Your Wedding Florist

January 25, 2010 by  
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How to Reserve Your Wedding Floral

Flowers are an important part of your reception. However, it’s crazy when clients have no idea on how to go about interviewing these vendors. Is 1-month plenty of time, or do you need more? The more time you have the better. It is a good rule of thumb to start meeting florists 8-10 months prior to your big day. One you have it nailed down to 3 professionals, it is then time to find out which one is the best match for your wedding reception.

Good Q’s to Screen Wedding Florists

A couple of primary elements to keep in mind when meeting floral vendors are your color-palette and table dimensions. The vendor you select has to have good knowledge on how to design the layout for your banquet hall. They will want to keep in mind driving distances to prevent arrangements from going bad. I have to say that most companies work within a certain radius to prevent mishaps. It also ensures that they have enough time to complete the job. The company you decide on needs to know exactly what you want to accomplish with flowers. A simple need to know is the amount of rounds (aka tables) you will have in the room. Since most tables seat 10 people divide your guests list by this amount. The amount of tables is usually the same as the amount of centerpiece floral arrangements. Some flowers are seasonal, so the date of your reception will determine what type of possibilities are available for colors.

Great so we have the colors, facility and florist picked out, what’s left? Do you know what you need to bring with you to your consultation with the florist? I recommend that you take cut out images of magazines to give a visual of what your ideal floral arrangements will look like. Since you are color coordinating every detail, it doesn’t hurt to show images of your attire as well. You want to get the vendor to brainstorm up possible ways they can incorporate floral into your designs. It is wise to give them a heads up on your colors with the various wedding elements so that there are no surprises.

Remember to ask plenty of questions when meeting face to face with this person. They do this every weekend and will probably offer to show you examples of their previous client weddings. Make sure that any portfolio you examine is from their original work. Some vendors are notorious for stealing other companies images and calling it their own. This will give you and your fiance a good vibe on what kind of personality your wedding vendor has. Try to see what kind of feedback they have on your vision. Take their suggestions for what they are worth, just remember that every decision boils down to what YOU want. After you know about everything that is included with your package, get a breakdown of the prices. I say prices because there may be more than one charge for the type of arrangement you are inquiring about.

This is your one wedding so keep in mind every aspect of the planning. Give your floral company address specifics for where to drop off the arrangements. Some places have complex directions (including larger hotels), printed maps work great for these situations. Don’t stress if something bad happens last minute. Unfortunately these things happen from time to time. Any professional should have a last minute fix available. A good rule of thumb is to have your flowers delivered early to prevent issues.

This information should serve as a helpful guide in securing your wedding florist. Give it enough time to pick the right vendor for your special day. The more time you give, the more happy you will be with your decision. It can be stressful trying to find the perfect vendor when everyone is already booked up. You have the ideal reception all planned out, make sure you relay this info to your vendor. They need to be on the same page with you for color and design. Once you have seen sample flower arrangements, you can then booking your wedding florist.


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