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Light Up My Event Table Pin Spotting

March 2, 2010 by  
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We have very exciting news to tell you. Light Up My Event is now providing a LED Eco-friendly table pin spotting service for centerpieces. These fixtures are placed on the top of a stand out of sight near the corners of your room. Your guests won’t even notice where the pinspots are coming from. Actually we have dozens of clients that meet us in our studio every week. When we discuss center piece pinspotting we always show them photos of past setups. Almost 95 percent of the time they can not tell where the pinspots are coming from.

Not just any company can pinspot center pieces. It takes a lot of experience to light them up without having the light source get into the guests eyes. Our fixtures are aimed from very high up to prevent fixtures from distracting guests. We even take the time to inspect lighting cues by sitting in every seat. They are then adjusted to have a narrow beam shine directly on your center pieces making them seem larger than life. We recommend 1 fixture per table.

Sometimes you want to highlight a cake or candy table. For these type of applications we would use at least two or three spots to shine on the area. Pinspots are one of the easiest ways to light up your space. It really gives a simple effect with a high end result. However, the most important lighting element would be room uplights. These fixtures are great when combined with pinspots. Not only are you highlighting the center pieces, but now we work with depth by giving a layered effect. The room uplighting can match any wall any color. Typically we will work with one or two colors. If you have a theme, then lighting will help enhance your colors.

With LED table pin spots, guests will really take notice of all the hard work that you put into your decor. It will look great in your images and you will notice after the reception just how great your images look. Our Michigan wedding lighting will make your guests say, “WOW”. Take a look around our website to see work from recent portfolios. Not only do we have images, but you can also view videos of our current work. Find out how we can help create a beautiful backdrop in your photos, by calling Light Up My Event toll free @ 877.643.8368.


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2 Responses to “Light Up My Event Table Pin Spotting”
  1. T says:

    I recently got the opportunity to speak w/ Robert regarding lighting at my event. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Sadly I found out that he is based out of Michigan therefore it wouldn’t be conducive our event based on the east coast. However, he took the time to listen to my concerns and address the issues I was inquiring about. He was able to recommend ideas to suit my budget and extended a helping hand whenever I called back with questions related to similar matters/ vendors. If this is their business conduct with potential clients and general public, I can only imagine the quality of customer service they will provide 🙂


    Robert Reply:

    Glad we could help! I hope you got the lighting situ figured out : )


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